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Best-in-class financial services for your venture-backed company

At SVFG, we work with you to develop pragmatic solutions that are tailored to the stage of your company and your unique business model and market.

We understand the lifecycle of venture-backed companies and are experienced at streamlining our services to ensure that the executive team can focus on executing the vision of the company and driving shareholder value. From the earliest stages, where cash management and aligning your expenses to major company milestones is critical; to the later stages, where having a clear and concise understanding of the financial data across your business...

Outside GC
Outside GC provides outside general counsel corporate legal services to companies without in-house lawyers and to in-house legal teams.

Outside GC is the nation's largest provider of on-demand, in-house legal counsel services.

We handle the day-to-day legal needs of companies of all sizes. From start-ups to large multi-nationals, we provide legal services on a part-time/interim basis for a range of industries, including technology, life sciences, media, SaaS, advertising, retail, e-commerce, consumer products/services and others. Outside GC typically is a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time in-house attorney...

Experience Drives Everything.

WunderLand is your relief valve for overflow of your critical digital, marketing and creative needs.

WunderLand is your partner to “get work done” in the marketing, creative, digital and sales enablement arena. Our flexible delivery model enables us to provide the right solution to the right challenge – whether you need to add people to your internal team, assemble a team to tackle a project or want to just outsource the work altogether to our WunderLand Studio. ...

Cap table software that’s simple and secure

Manage your private company shareholder and employee stock plan data in real-time with our private blockchain-enabled platform.

Our cap table software solution scales to any size company, anywhere in the world.

Private companies worldwide are looking for...

Lumi Marketing & Creative
LUMI illuminates brands by getting to the creative heart of what makes them unique in the world—and telling the story of why that matters.

LUMI is an all-female, black-owned marketing agency for women-owned brands, black-owned businesses, and regional and national nonprofits.

Our services are designed to function cohesively, whether you’re in need of a marketing collateral package or an entirely new brand....