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Best-in-class financial services for your venture-backed company

At SVFG, we work with you to develop pragmatic solutions that are tailored to the stage of your company and your unique business model and market.

We understand the lifecycle of venture-backed companies and are experienced at streamlining our services to ensure that the executive team can focus on executing the vision of the company and driving shareholder value. From the earliest stages, where cash management and aligning your expenses to major company milestones is critical; to the later stages, where having a clear and concise understanding of the financial data across your business is key to assessing ROI, forecasting potential outcomes, executing growth strategies, and appropriately funding the expansion of you business. We’ve been there. We can help you build a finance function that not only grows with you, but also and gives you turn- key access to additional resources as you need them.

Our key value propositions:

  • Back Office Operations.

We make sure your back office accounting, payroll, and HR functions conform to industry best-practices, are compliant with relevant regulations and are completed in a consistent and timely manner.

  • Engaged and Responsive Delivery Teams.

We staff our client engagement with delivery teams that work together across multiple clients within the firm. This staffing approach enables our team to work efficiently together to provide highly engaged and responsive services to meet your needs.

  • Ready Access to Information and Processes.

We understand that you need ready access to information. We set up all your key business processes so they are remotely accessible and take advantage of current advances in SaaS-based infrastructure and mobile access.

  • Business Model Expertise.

We leverage our experience across industries and work closely with you and your teams to identify the key drivers and sensitivities in your business. We develop a deep understanding the variables that are critical to your success and build financial models that are as nimble and unique as your business. These models give you a power tool to help understand your current performance and inform future decisions on how to best invest the resources of your company.

  • Experience.

Our consulting CFOs have supported both private and public companies through the various stages of growth. We bring deep experience and knowledge that extends from internal operations and management reporting, to financial forecasting and investor communications, to fundraising through both equity and various debt instruments.

  • Scale.

We have a diversified team ready scale when you need us most.

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Jan Reed
P.O. Box 170038
San Francisco, CA 94117
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