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Attract Investors

The barriers to raising capital are high. You need a pitch that engages investors and compels them to act.

Story Vault™ is our exclusive platform for building and sharing your presentation — with vibrant images, interactive video, and a compelling company narrative.

Manage Relationships

As your audience grows, you’ll want to strengthen those relationships through outreach, updates, and email.

Our Investor Relationship Management system tracks views, gauges interest, and makes tailored communication simple and secure.

Close Deals

Finally, you need an easy way to close your investments, secure each transaction, and gather the required paperwork.

Our Data Vault expedites the process by consolidating all your fundraising forms — including private dashboards for mutually executed documents.


You’re building a great product and a smart company. What you need is a way to tell more investors about it.

The Main Stage gives companies the tools to share their story, build a pipeline of investors, close deals, and stay compliant. Fundraising can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.


The average investor spends about 30 seconds looking at a traditional pitch deck. That’s not enough.

With embedded video to showcase your product or MVP and a company story built to increase engagement, investors on The Main Stage spend five to six times that long — not including repeat visits.

The Story Vault
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The Main Stage software combines three powerful components — Story Vault™, an Investor Relationship Management (IRM) system, and a secure Data Vault — to elevate your business and make closing deals more effective.


Story Vault

When traditional pitch decks stopped working, we developed an invite-only platform that helps investors understand your strategic business plan in detail.

  • An engaging company narrative
  • Dynamic video content
  • Convenient access to deal terms and documents



Building a pipeline of interested investors takes work, but our IRM makes cultivating relationships easier — from prospect to shareholder.

  • Advanced analytics that track views and interest
  • Tailored communication for personal outreach
  • Network-wide updates when news breaks

Data Vault

Fundraising is hard enough without paperwork delays and compliance issues. Our Data Vault expedites deal closes and secures communication.

  • Investor dashboards for mutually executed documents
  • Protection and storage of all fundraising collateral
  • A streamlined process for executing and delivering



Fundraising is everyone’s least favorite part of the job — and for good reason. It’s time-consuming, stressful, and hard to navigate alone.

That’s why we created The Main Stage.

It’s an easy to use platform that gives startup founders the tools they need to tell their story, manage a pipeline of investors, close deals, and stay compliant.

Raising money can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be — at least not on The Main Stage.

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Frequently asked questions

An investor portal is a way to present your companies details, tax documents, LPAs, K1s, and more. It includes an interactive dashboard that allows companies to showcase and present their pitch deck along with other important documents. Our investment software is a great way to tell your company's story and provide investors with all the information they need to confidently invest in your opportunity.

The Main Stage offers an investment portfolio management software that allows your company to tell its story with confidence and data. Similar to a one pager, our software simplifies your approach for investors who appreciate a quick yet informative breakdown.

After your venture capital or fundraising private equity round is over, you can continue to utilize The Main Stage to communicate with your investors and store documents in their investor dashboards. The Main Stage remains a powerful tool to keep your audience up to date on milestones and achievements.

Investors benefit from using The Main Stage in a handful of ways. Through the investor dashboard, an investor will have all their investment-related documents in one place and a record of communications from your company. Being able to check in on a company's process via an investor relations portal, without reaching out to busy founders, benefits both parties. Moreover, you control everything they see because you have to invite them in.

Combining a virtual pitch experience with document storage, data vault, and CRM functionality enables a company to be more efficient with their time and fundraise.

Instead of leaving various platforms to perform each essential part of fundraising, our fund management software increases efficiency by combining these services into one.

It's also much easier to integrate your deck using one of our various templates which are strategically designed for both pitching to VC and private firms.

The Main Stage was created as an invite-only platform to showcase your company story and investment documents. You control who can view your Story Vault and business documents on our investor platform.

Video is always encouraged, and the more engaging the video, the more likely you will capture eyeballs and move investors and partners. However, this doesn't require costly high production quality, but instead, a simple capture of your founders or CEO walking investors through strategy and other enticing details will do. The idea is to show the face and the team behind the story and investor deck.

The Main Stage is not a marketplace. We do not promote or advertise your offering how crowdfunding platforms would.

Statistically, an investor pitch deck is only viewed anywhere from 30 seconds to under 2 minutes, but we still encourage some form of investor presentations or company overviews within the main Story Vault. The idea here is that more content, when done right, will only increase your chances of landing a contributor. This is especially true if it's engaging content that showcases results and expected revenues.

You do not have to be raising money to use our investor platform. Companies create a Story Vault to tell their story to investors, partners, and prospects pre or post-raise. You'll also be supported regardless of whether you're preparing a seed funding pitch deck, angel investor pitch deck, or a private equity pack.

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In fundraising, the best stories win. Are you ready to tell yours?

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